Vocopro DKP-MIX Digital Karaoke Machine with Mic MixerZoom

Vocopro DKP-MIX Digital Karaoke Machine with Mic Mixer

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Vocopro DKP-MIX Digital Karaoke Player with Mic Mixer

A meticulously crafted, versatile machine! The DKP-MIX by VocoPro is a necessary hardware piece for any karaoke installment. No need for added mixers or separate effect processors crowding up space in your rack unit or home entertainment set-up. The DKP-MIX can playback a wide variety of media file types, not to mention it can also combine multiple audio inputs for a custom mix. Solid integration of a mic mixer with effects processor into an almost limitless karaoke player provides you with peace of mind and limitless entertainment. A multitude of effects conveniently compacted into one solid player makes the DKP-MIX a must have for all karaoke bars or in-home entertainment applications. Features: NTSC/PAL Switchable for Worldwide Compatibility Full-featured playback with single and repeat playback modes Rugged, Professional and Space Saving Design offering portability as well as sustainability Multi-format disc play that supports DVD, DivX, VCD, CD+G, Mp3, CD Dual 1/4" microphone inputs with individual volume controls Built-in Echo effect for a more professional vocal sound Headphone jack input with individual volume control Fully-functional remote for ease of operation USB reader for playing digital files, ultimately allowing the user to increase song library capacity 6 (1/2) step Digital Key Control for changing the key of the music to fit your vocal range via remote or front panel Individual RCA/XLR input/output jacks
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