VocoPro CARRY-OKE STAR Plug-and-Play Karaoke MicrophoneZoom

VocoPro CARRY-OKE STAR Plug-and-Play Karaoke Microphone

With the CARRY-OKE STAR you can bring the party to anywhere you can find a TV and stereo system. The all-in-one system not only plays all your favorite MP3, .AVI and MP3+G files, but it also records you performing to them! Now you can capture those classic party moments singing with family and friends, and cherish them for a lifetime. You can even connect a second microphone for duets! For late night practicing, you can plug in a set of headphones and practice till your heart is content. So, pick up a CARRY-OKE STAR and get the party rolling!

SD Card Slot for Instant Access to Your Media Files Record Your Performances Directly to SD Card Plugs Directly Into Your Car Audio / Video System or Home TV and Sound System

Compatible with MP3, AVI, MP3+G, and JPG Media Files +/- 7 Step Digital Key Control

Digital Echo with Delay for Vocal Enhancement

Includes a Second Microphone for Duets

1/8" Headphone Jack

Includes 12V Car Adapter and Home Power Plug

Weight: 4 lbs

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