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SMOKEY JOES CAFE Pocket Songs PS1197

Item# OCPS1197

1.On Broadway - Coasters, The w/vocal

2.Poison Ivy - Coasters, The w/vocal

3.Charlie Brown - Coasters, The w/vocal

4.Stand By Me - Coasters, The w/vocal

5.Loving You - Drifters, The w/vocal

6.Hound Dog - Drifters, The w/vocal

7.There Goes My Baby - Drifters, The w/vocal

8.Jailhouse Rock - Drifters, The w/vocal

9.Spanish Harlem - Drifters, The w/vocal

10.Yakety Yak - Coasters, The w/vocal

11.On Broadway - Coasters, The  

12.Poison Ivy - Coasters, The  

13.Charlie Brown - Coasters, The  

14.Stand By Me - Coasters, The   

15.Loving You - Drifters, The  

16.Hound Dog - Drifters, The   

17.There Goes My Baby - Drifters, The   

18.Jailhouse Rock - Drifters, The   

19.Spanish Harlem - Drifters, The   

20.Yakety Yak - Coasters, The  

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