15 KARAOKE CLASSICS Vol. 26     Sunfly    SF26Zoom

15 KARAOKE CLASSICS Vol. 26 Sunfly SF26

Item# PSF26

1.She's Got That Vibe - R Kelly  

2.Prayer For The Dying - Seal  

3.Rock My Heart - Haddaway  

4.Shine - Aswad  

5.Don't Look Any Further - M People  

6.The Simple Things - Joe Cocker  

7.Sleeping In My Car - Roxette  

8.Steam - East 17  

9.Since I Don't Have You - Guns N' Roses  

10.You're The Best Thing - D Ream  

11.Will You Be There In The Morning - Heart  

12.Walk The Dinosaur - Was Not Was  

13.Welcome To Tomorrow - Snap  

14.Whatta Man - Salt 'N Pepa Featuring En Vogue  

15.Pray - Take That  

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